1 ) How Can I Use Prishee .

Ans : You can use Prishee on Desktop , Android , IOS apps . Certain features like Chat , Delivery Tracking , Business phone/email , etc . only accessible on Apps.

2 ) which businesses can join prishee

Ans : Any Businesses can join prishee Like Grocery,Restaurant,Pharmacy,Flower, book ,clothing,supplies store ...And many more...

3 ) How can i join my business on Prishee

Ans : you can simply sign up, create new business from our website or app at register/sign in option

4 ) How can businesses add products for sale

Ans : We have thousands of products with descriptions and images in our catalog , you choose and all set. Businesses can also add product manually .

5 ) how would businesses know, how to set up business back-end

Ans : once you sign up your account you will receive verification email with video tutorial link , which explain step by step how you can setup your full account .

6 ) is Prishee charge/collect any commission on my sales

Ans : NO

7 ) Business Membership . how prishee make money ?

Ans : Business pay monthly membership $14 to prishee . Business will get first few days free trial. we are in our promotional season , so even businesses free trial expired we will extend it .currently we are giving 365 days free period .

8 ) is my data safe

Ans : we take data protection very seriously . Neither we share your data with any third party nor we allow anyone to run ad on our platform .

9 ) Does business need to provide credit card while signing up

Ans : No

10 ) How long will it take to get money deposit in businesses account

Ans : Money will deposit in businesses account right away .

11 ) How Can customer Pay For their Order

Ans : You can select Credit card or COD ( Cash On Delivery ) Option at checkout . COD Option depend on Business Acceptability .

12 ) can customer pick up their order from store .

Ans : yes at checkout select self pick up option .

13 ) How Can customer Track their Order

Ans : You can see live tracking of your order on Prishee Apps . Simply go on 'MORE' In App and click on order tracking . select order and click on view at bottom . You can only see your order in tracking , if Business decide to send your order through Driver . if Business decide to ship your order via mail then it will not show in tracking .

14 ) Who Are Seller On Prishee

Ans : Businesses are seller on Prishee .

15 ) How Can I Search Businesses

Ans : You can search Businesses by name or location on map view .

16 ) Chat...

Ans : Items that have been in Chat for more than 7 days will be automatically deleted .

17 ) With Whom should I Talk About Product Inquiry

Ans : Any Concern regarding product ,Buyer should communicate with Business directly . For your convenience there are communications option like, Chat ,Phone,Email available on Prishee .

18 ) How Can I get Refund for my order order

Ans : Businesses on Prishee work independently , Any Inquiry regarding Refund should directly communicate with Businesses .

19 ) what if i want to cancel my account

Ans : you can cancel your account any time with one click . No question asked .

20 ) Digital experience

Ans : Give your customers best digital experience ..like chat ,live track order ,order online

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